New Info: Authorities Knew Testing of East Palestine Air was Insufficient But Did it Anyway

The Biden Administration, along with the media, seems to have forgotten about East Palestine and the people there. More than a year after that Norfolk Southern train derailment new information continues to be revealed about the government and the railroads failed response to the environmental disaster.

The latest revelation is that the hand held devices used to test the air in East Palestine homes could not detect the dangerous chemical Butyl Acrylate. Making matters worse, investigators now insist, the responders knew the units could not test for Butyl Acrylate, but went ahead with the testing anyone with out informing the home owners. When responders finally updated the units to detect the dangerous chemical, they never went back and tested the previous homes air.

Now, even with word of a 600 Million dollar settlement, the people of East Palestine still deserve our attention.

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