NBC Lies By Omission, The Media Hates Religion

NBC Politicizes Bible Instruction During School Hours, Yet Americans Overwhelmingly Support Such Programs—Nearly 80% of Voters Support Teaching Moral and Character Education to Public School Students

NBC recently profiled LifeWise Academy. A non-profit that provides bible based instruction to school children, during school hours. Thanks to a Supreme Court Ruling that allows off campus religious instruction during school hours, as long as the government doesn’t pay for it or promote it. The program is having tremendous success on the lives of young children. So much success, NBC choose to leave out the results of LifeWise Academy.

The CEO of LifeWise, Joel Penton, is our guest to respond to the NBC News piece,

“NBC News did a national piece on our organization. I have to say, I’m a little disappointed because we invited them in, lined up people for them to speak to and they left out some of the most critical information.

“They left out the results … there are real results.

“When LifeWise is implemented in a school, attendance goes up. Schools are struggling with attendance post-COVID and with LifeWise, attendance goes up to the point that there’s a net increase in class time … Also, in-school suspensions go down and out-of-school suspensions go down, so there is clearly improved behavior.”

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