N.Y. Decision to Toss Weinstein Case is Bad News for D.A. Alvin Bragg & Great News for Trump

It’s no secret Harvey Weinstein is a despicable human being. But that doesn’t mean prosecutors get free reign. New York’s highest court ruled the judge tainted the jury by allowing witness to testify about subjects that had nothing to do with the case against him. This is exactly what is happening in the New York court room where President Trump is being tried on a sham records keeping case.

For 3 days the CEO of the National Enquirer has been testifying about things that have nothing to do with the underlying allegations against Trump. His testimony is only to serve as a way to make the jury think President Trump is unscrupulous. It amounts to a prosecutorial trick. If New York’s highest court rules that these types of witnesses, that serve only to taint the minds of the jury, are wrong in a convicted sex offender case, it should be wrong in a case against a former President.

While this is happening, The Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments in the Presidential immunity case that will have far reaching ramifications on ever case brought against President Trump by these deceitful leftists prosecutors across the country. We have the must hear audio that gives us an indication into how the Supreme Court may rule.

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