“Military Aid” to Ukraine Ends up in Democrat Campaign Coffers | Who should Trump Pick as his Vice President

A blockbuster report from numerous conservative outlets aledges the U.S. Military aid sent to Ukraine was later “invested” by Ukraine with the now bankrupt FTX Crypto firm.  The allegations spelled out in the Gateway Pundit make it look like a giant money laundering scheme to send tax payer money through Ukraine, through FTX back to Democrat campaign coffers.  50 million dollars went to Democrats and while even establishment republicans got some.  We break down the entire trail of alleged corruption and exploitation carried out by the democrats and Ukraine.

We also go through President Donald Trumps potential Vice Presidential picks.  I explain why he needs just the right person considering the state of the current republican party infighting. I reveal my number one pick for the job and why I will be passing it on to President Trump.

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