January 6th Tour Goer Faces 20+ Years After Sham Trial

Grant8:35 PM (1 hour ago)
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The January 6th defendants face unimaginable consequences.  One man, John Strand, now faces 20 plus years in prison for his un-organized tour of the capitol.  He is not accused of any violence or property destruction.  He was working as security for America’s Front Line Doctors founder Simone Gold.  They entered the Capitol with the OK from police.  In fact police milled about as they walked through “The Peoples House.”

Dr. Simone Gold took a plea deal and received four months in prison.  John Strand, knowing he is innocent of all charges, refused to take a plea.  A jury convicted him of all charges.  His sentencing is now set for May, where he faces 23 years in prison.  The punishment does not fit the crime.  Especially when you look at the violence across the country, where the thugs and thieves are receiving little to no time.

John Strand talks about being bold and his hope for a miracle come sentencing.  

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