January 6th – New Evidence Revealed – The Death of a 2nd Trump Supporter Beaten by Police

After reviewing 7000 hours of January 6th videos, citizen investigator Gary McBride is calling into question the death of Trump supporter Rosanne Boyland.  She appears to be beaten by a police officer while lying motionless on the ground.  The official investigation ruled it to be a reasonable use of force.  The January 6th Un-Select Committee conducted no meaningful investigation into her death.  It has received little to no attention from the main stream media. 

McBride uncovered other videos that show officers spraying each other accidently with pepper spray.  The proves the Committee has doctored video evidence by removing or dubbing in audio to make the scene “look bad.”  That should be a crime.

We go through the mystery men of January 6th.  The people on video instigating the crowed, yet never charged with anything.  This is the one interview you need to hear if you want to learn what really happened on January 6th.

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