J6 Detainees Tortured No Bond Hearing After Nearly 2 Years

J6 Detainees Tortured No Bond Hearing After Nearly 2 Years

The stories coming out of the DC Gulag are nothing short of horrific.  January 6th prisoners are literally being tortured and subjected to cruel and unusual punishment.  Their Constitutional Rights are being violated.

Take the case of Jonathan Mellis.  For ten seconds he engaged with a capitol police officer who was beating the now deceased Rosanne Boyland.  The officer admits she didn’t suffer any injuries during the incident (yet Boyland died).  Now, John Mellis, with no criminal record, a man who didn’t even go inside the Capitol, has been sitting in a DC jail for almost two years.  He has not even been given a bond hearing.

Remember the Waukesha Parade Plower.  That man, who killed 6 and injured 60 had a bond hearing in 48 hours.  Mellis has never had one and has spent weeks in solitary confinement.  It is a place inmates call “the hole.”

On this anniversary of January 6th it is time we call attention to persecution of these political prisoners.  Punishment is one thing.  Serving two years for doing something most people don’t spend a day in jail for is just unfair and un-american.  My goal is to get them help.

Jonathan’s girlfriend, Kelly Wilde is our guest.  She tells a tragic tale of a two tiered justice system that is destroying the man she loves.  His real crime, supporting President Trump.  To a weaponized Justice Dept. that appears to be worse far worse than the rioting and destruction and death we saw during the 2020 Black Lives Matter / ANTIFA riots.

Find out more about John and the other J6 prisoners at:www.wearegoodmen.com

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