Hunter isn’t the Coward, Republicans are for Not Arresting Him!

It doesn’t take to much arrogance or boldness to show up at your own Contempt of Congress hearing when you know the media will protect you, Not to mention Republicans are well known for their weakness. But that is exactly what Hunter Biden did. He showed up, Republicans blasted him, and then he walked out.

The reality is Hunter Biden is out playing Republicans. He is winning the PR game and making Republicans look foolish. He said he was there to testify, Republicans say no, and now those very same Republicans are forced to argue why he should be held in contempt after he just offered to speak to them. With a biased media, and corrupt Democrats, it’s an argument Republicans will never win.

House Republicans waited to long to hold him in contempt. They should have ordered the Sargent at Arms to arrest him on the spot, they didn’t. That would have taken, “Balls.” Something the majority of Congressional Republicans rarely have.

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