Hunter Biden New Evidence and Kathy Barnette Blames Sean Hannity for her Senate Loss

Federal agents tell the Daily Mail they have enough evidence to charge Hunter Biden with crimes related to the Biden Crime Family business dealings in China and beyond.  This as Tony Bobulinski prepares to testify before a Congressional Committee investigating Hunter Biden.  Bobulinski claims he has thousands of photos, videos and text messages that implicate the Biden Family in wrong doing.


Former Pennsylvania Republican Primary Senate candidate comes out swinging in a one on one interview where she blames Fox News’s Sean Hannity and Newsmax host Greg Kelly for her loss to Dr. Oz.  Calling Hannity the worst name possible, a “bootlicker”.  It’s an eye opening interview where she opens up about the GOP elite squashing her campaign.  She also shares intimate details about her life as a by product of rape.  The pro-life conservative tells the whole story about being black and subjected to racism from white leftist elitists and fellow black people more then she has from any white republican. 

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