Hollywood Insider Speaks Out. The Goal is to Indoctrinate your Kids.

After spending decades as a successful actor in Hollywood, Tatum Shank is speaking out.  Between the blacklists of conservatives, and his refusal to take part in “woke” movies, the conservative star has not had an audition since the Covid burst onto the scene.  He refuses to bow down to the Hollywood elites that want him to submit to their liberal lunacy.  So he and his wife started Hollywood4Freedom.  A group of Hollywood conservatives who want to bring conservative movie making back to the Tinseltown.  He wants to act as a clearing house for conservative actors, directors, screenwriters, producers and production crew members.  Hollywood4Freedom’s goal is to get the freedom lovers who once made a living in Hollywood back working again.  Shank blows the whistle on liberalism and the overall lack of Christian values in Hollywood for its fall from grace.  He too, says the leftist messaging coming from the big movie houses is nothing short of demonic.  Your kids are the target and leftist indoctrination is the goal.

The CEO of Disney Bob Iger wants more gun control.  He’s calling on lawmakers to make it happen.  The man who is surrounded by armed security on a daily basis wants to take away your gun rights.  It’s just the latest example of out of touch Hollywood elites acting like hypocrites.  Also, The Rock’s “Black Adam” film is a flop.  The ultra woke movie is a bust.  We explain why and reveal just how much money Warner Brothers is losing on the big budget film that’s in the tank.

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