Hey Ladies, If Someone calls you “Barbie” Take it has a Compliment.

The new movie “Barbie” is a lesson in woke man hating propaganda.  It’s also a lesson in how Hollywood uses sophmoric humor to push the extreme LGBTQ agenda.  The indoctrination is real.  Grant plays the movie clips you won’t see on the mainstream media.  He explains how you can use the movie as a training tool to prepare your children for what they may face when they leave the nest.
WBIG-FM, the Washington Commanders’ radio partner, fired host Don Geronimo for calling a female TV anchor “Barbie” during a Thursday morning broadcast from the team’s training camp in Ashburn.  The Washington Commanders barred his employer, I-Heart Media, from training camp as well.  This is typical of the hypersensitive ultra politically correct world we live in. Geronimo deserves his job back.

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