Hear the real J6 story of the bias, the set up & the lock up.

Convicted, January 6 political prisoner, John Strand reported to prison two weeks ago. He faces 32 months for doing nothing but his job. He calls us from inside that federal prison with the real story of what goes on inside there.

Also, Kash Patel is with us to go over the record, and Fanni Willis, that rogue prosecutor in Fulton county, Georgia, going after President Donald Trump.  Her background is almost too hard to believe. It proves she has nothing more than a part of that hack how to rig the next election.

And Joe Biden, using a fake name as vice president. Who is behind the email address with a .gov domain. It’s a bizarre story, shrouded in secrecy. And the latest Biden with a strange connection to Ukraine, Joe Biden’s fake emails, and the secretary of state. Deceased Beau Biden now has ties to Ukraine too.

And your wifi router may be spying on you!  No camera needed, it can track your every move. We show you how. 


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