Fentanyl 101 – The Real Story Behind America’s Most Dangerous Poison

Fentanyl 101 – The Real Story Behind America’s Most Dangerous Poison is a podcast that is long over do.  This episode could save your or your loved one’s life.

Fentanyl is killing American young people at a rate of 300 a day.  We are losing American’s faster than we lost our men during World War II.  Many parents don’t know the real danger of the drug.  I spell what you need to know.

  • Why do people overdose?
  • What does an overdose look like and what do you do to save someone?
  • What does Fentanyl look like and what form does it come in?
  • What is China’s role in this?
  • Is this an act of war on America?
  • We expose the “contact” myth about Fentanyl that even has police confused.  You can not die from simply coming in contact or breathing Fentanyl.  The government lied to us again.

The Government lie about a “grain of sand” can kill you, is actually getting people killed.  The myth is putting people in danger.  I will explain why and why the government should be ashamed of itself.

I explain the shower phenomenon and why so many people die of Fentanyl poisoning in the shower.  This podcast is the definitive guide to the basics and secrets behind the latest crisis to take America by storm.

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