“Audit the CDC,” Dr. McCullough Blows the Lid on the VARES Cover-up and Bill Gates’s Scheme to Dupe You.

Serious concerns are being raised about the CDC and it’s lack of investigations into the Covid vaccine adverse reactions. Dr. Peter McCullough is calling for an audit of the CDC investigative practices.

This month the CDC quietly lifted it’s isolation guidelines from 5 days to 24 hours after fever free. It is no coincidence this is the same guidelines for the Flu and common cold. The removal of a 5 day isolation protocol serves as an admission that the CDC got it wrong when it comes to it’s lockdowns and mandates.

The most troubling piece of news to emerge relating to the Covid response cover-up is the involvement of Bill Gates. The gates foundation is now claiming the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System amounts to “mis-information.” Gates and his propagandists are pushing for a name change to VARES, advocating to rename it the “Vaccine Safety Sentinel.”

The arrogance is stunning. Bill Gates and his globalist deceivers at the World Health Organization are calling this post pandemic period an “Info-Demic” or a pandemic of mis-information from people like me, The Gateway Pundit and our guest Dr. Peter McCullough. Dr. McCullough blows the whistle on them all.

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