Donald Trump Needs to be asked simple questions no one ever asked before… here’s my list.

To say, Donald Trump is an interesting person is the understatement of the world. He is more than interesting, he is fascinating, intelligent, and more human than you might imagine.

I want to do an interview with President Trump. That would be very different than any other. I want to get to the heart of who he is and how he operates. The advice he could provide the American people when it comes to dealing with stress, running a business, raising a family, could be beneficial for anyone willing to listen. But most of all it would be beneficial to answer the simple questions that would help us learn more about what life is like under constant attack.

Agreeing to an interview like this would put him in a vulnerable position, but that alone is endearing. Here is my list of questions for President Trump. Mr. President, if you’re up for it, let’s do it!

Plus Ron Desantis calls Trump supporters “listless vessels.”  It is his “deplorable” moment.
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