Creepy Old Joe isn’t the Only Problem Democrats Have

Joe Biden is old. He is feeble. He is a creepy coot in decline.  That makes him a national security risk.

But Democrats have a much bigger problem. They have overplayed their hand. The radical policies they continue to push for starting to backfire as the American people wake up to the Democrats tyrannical way of thinking.

President Trump is poised to take back the White House providing we can ensure a free and fair election. The reality is Democrats know this as “Operation Oust Biden” is well underway.

Plus, we take you inside the DC Gulag. January 6th Political prisoner, Jake Lange I spent more than 980 days behind bars, and a trial date has still yet to be set.

His story is more proof we need President Donald Trump’s political persecution commission formed right away.

This podcast is about waking people up!
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