China Working with the United States to Wage War on America! Yes, You Heard that Right!

USDA and China CCP lab are creating deadly BIRD FLU viruses as part of $1m collaboration – and YOU are paying for it

  • A letter states the research could threaten national security and public health
  • It involves infecting ducks with different viruses to make them more infectious

This from an exclusive report from the Daily Mail. The question is, how does America send any money at all to a nation that wants to destroy us economically and physically?

Word of the USDA working with China comes as the FBI is warning us about an increased risk of Chinese cyber attacks against America and American Companies. Whistleblowers inside the China Communist Party are issuing a warning. China’s Bio-Lab and Cyber activities are expanding. The New Federal State of China is our guest. They are aimed at taking down the CCP and restoring freedom to the Chinese people.

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