CDC Hazmat Containers on Board the Dali! Could the Crash Have been an Attack?

Investigators are now telling us it could take 24 moths to find answers surrounding one of the worst maritime crashes in American History. This as we learn an elite Coast Guard team is inspecting 13 Centers for Disease Control containers that were on board labeled with the warning “Hazardous Materials.” This raises all kinds of questions. Why is the CDC sending Haz-Mat containers to Sir Lanka? That is where the Dali was headed when it left the Port of Baltimore before crashing into the Scott Key Francis Bridge.

Investigative Reporter Lara Logan is also sounding the alarm. Her sources insist the crash could have been part of a cyber attack designed to bring the economy to a halt.

Also the ships operator, Synergy Marine, as an in-depth Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program. DEI is now at the forefront of the culture wars and may be responsible for the increasing transportation safety issues we are seeing across the country.

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