Burbanks Radical Left-wing Delusional Mayor Proves Why Kids are Not Safe

The Mayor of Burbank California, Mayor Konstantine Anthony, defends ANTIFA live on the Wise Nuts Podcast. He will not admit they were there to provoke violence against parents. Mayor Anthony is proof of just how deranged and nonsensical the left can be. Sadly, as Grant points out, it may all be by design.The Mayor also defends sexually graphic content in schools. Grant shows you exactly what he defended and just how outrageous it is. See and hear for yourself. You make the call.
Then, Supermoms Activated. A new book by Supermom, Jacqueline Toboroff is out. She profiles 12 moms who are making a difference by pushing back against the woke agenda and the school administrators pushing it on our children. We are also joined by Mom’s for America Founder Kimberly Fletcher.

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