Agenda 2030 – The Globalist’s Plan to Control You

Agenda 2030 – The Globalist’s Plan to Control You

For the global elite, the point isn’t to improve the world, the point is to control it.  And who better to control the people of the world than those dictators-in-waiting at the United Nations?

The John Birch Society describes it like this:

The United Nations, Deep State, and globalist elites do not just aspire to form a one-world government. They seek to take full control of the planet, including the economy, our country, our lives, and our children.

This master plan for technocratic and totalitarian control is found in the UN’s Agenda 21 and the newer and even more draconian Agenda 2030. The aspects of life and society they seek to hijack are euphemistically outlined as “Sustainable Development Goals.” The WEF’s “Great Reset” and the UN’s “Build Back Better” plan go hand-in-hand with Agendas 21 and 2030.

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