“A Dysfunctional NRA was Far Stronger than a Functional NRA”

I have never said it in public before but a dysfunctional NRA was far stronger and powerful than the current functional NRA. It is sad to watch the organization I love, tip toe around issues and avoid the spotlight.

When I was with NRA TV we, the NRA, were constantly fighting. The members embraced the fight, the fought with us. Now the NRA seems to be quietly drifting into oblivion. I used to say the NRA is the most powerful civil rights organization on the face of the planet. But lawyers, and board running scared, have taken over.

With the New York Trial against NRA leader Wayne Lapierre just a few days away, now is the time to come out swinging. Get back to the basics. This episode is a road map of how to do it. The NRA is too big and too important to fail.

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