1st Peer Reviewed Study Proves Big Pharma Knew about COVID Vax Dangers and Ineffectiveness

Scientists are calling for a global moratorium on MRNA Vaccines as well as the immediate removal from childhood vaccine schedules. This is the 1st ever peer reviewed study of its kind. Published in the medical journal Cureus, the study found the following about the COVID MRNA vaccines:

1. They were rushed to market.

2. Researchers under-estimated adverse reactions including death.

3. Researchers over-estimated effectiveness.

4. Researchers didn’t appropriately test for Toxicity and manufacturing imperfections.

5. Serious adverse reactions were well documented but ignored.

The authors say that reanalyzed data from the vaccine makers’ trials and high rates of serious post-injection injuries indicate the mRNA gene therapy vaccines should not have been authorized for use. Chief of Maternal and Prenatal Health, Dr. James Thorp M.D. from the Wellness Company is with me to discuss.

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