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TikTok’s Closing of My Account and Other Conservatives is Out Right Election Interference by China

The Democrats are in ca-hoots with China. China controls TikTok. It’s parent company Byte Dance has close ties to the Chinese Communist Party. TikTok is actively cancelling the accounts of conservatives, like me, to control the message and narrative leading up to the election. The left despises the truth. It’s ...
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The Health Care Cyber Attack That is Still Disrupting Operations May Be a Test Run for a Bigger Event

There are still many questions surrounding the cyber attack of United Health’s Change Healthcare. The company responsible for processing medical requests from doctors around the country. The hack is limiting medical professionals from ordering lab tests and prescription drugs. Days after the initial hack was uncovered, the industry is still ...
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Don’t Be Fooled by Tulsi Gabbard She’s More Dangerous Than Kamala Harris

Tulsi Gabbard’s recent take downs of the Democrat Party sounds well and good.  But what is she really up too? This is a woman who ran for President as a Democrat, she has pushed for “assault weapons” bans, universal basic income, Medicare for all, free college tuition and abortion with ...
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The Un-Holy Coalition of Do-Gooders and Special Interest Kill Jobs and the Economy

The minimum wage is the most discriminatory regulation ever enacted by government. The worst part is it hurts the very people it is pitched as helping, the poor and minorities. Rep. Barbara Lee is pushing for a $50 minimum wage in California. As she runs for U.S. Senate she also ...
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Grant has made it his mission to expose liberal lunacy, the ills of socialism and radical left wing agenda. Grant is a four time Emmy Award winning investigator, a business owner and the host of “Stinchfield” on Real America’s Voice as well as The Morning Answer on AM870 Los Angeles.

“Stinchfield” is now solely controlled by Grant, meaning we will never be censored again. These are the untold stories that American patriots need to hear — uncensored and unapologetic — because the truth matters.

It’s the one podcast no conservative can afford to miss. It’s Stinchfield.

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