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This Unknown Governor May Soon be a Household Name… The Left’s Next Anointed One

The main stream media turned Barack Obama into the Democrat’s virtual Messiah in just weeks. It appears they are prepping Maryland Governor Wes Moore to be the next Barack Obama and possibly Joe Biden’s replacement. The Democrats have a huge problem with a dementia ridden Joe Biden as his support ...
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The Bird Flu… Real or a Hoax?

The bird flu is real. It present it poses no real threat to humans. But the fear is animal to human and ultimately human to human transition will become a reality thanks to nefarious gain of function research. Why would evil doers inside the global big pharma industrial complex want ...
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Hunter Biden’s Appeal Will Anger Every Anti-Gunner and I love it!

Hunter Biden could well become the next face of gun rights. It seems his best appeal over his gun conviction is to prove the question on that federal form asking if he’s addicted to controlled substances, is unconstitutional. I believe it is. Also, the media is focusing on how fair ...
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Microsoft Admission: Security Fail Led to Chinese Cyber Attack

Microsoft is one of many American Companies cozied up with the China and the Chinese Communist Party. This week, U.S. lawmakers grilled the President of Microsoft, Brad Smith over his companies ties to China and how it led to a massive hack into so many U.S. government agencies. This, as ...
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Grant has made it his mission to expose liberal lunacy, the ills of socialism and radical left wing agenda. Grant is a four time Emmy Award winning investigator, a business owner and the host of “Stinchfield” on Real America’s Voice as well as The Morning Answer on AM870 Los Angeles.

“Stinchfield” is now solely controlled by Grant, meaning we will never be censored again. These are the untold stories that American patriots need to hear — uncensored and unapologetic — because the truth matters.

It’s the one podcast no conservative can afford to miss. It’s Stinchfield.

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