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Devious Establishment Republicans Attack Grant Stinchfield

Just like Sen. Ted Cruz, the establishment feels the need to attack me.  The latest assault on me is a sign our message is resonating and career politicians are scared.  I am not even running for office, yet the ruling class feels the need to try to stop our gaining momentum among strong conservatives.
This week on The Stinchfield Report, I break down the reasoning behind a mass mailing that called into question my conservative credentials by show casing an old photo of my family with Sen. Wendy Davis.  It was a picture taken two years ago at a Veterans Day Parade.  It’s the one holiday I feel strongly about all Americans putting aside our differences and uniting in support of our warriors who served us so well.  Davis had asked for the photo with my family and we agreed.  This was long before her non-nonsensical filibuster that ended up costing the taxpayers of Texas millions of dollars.
Who is behind the mailing that went out to thousands of North Texas voters? Congressman Kenny Marchant, or at least some of his highly paid henchmen, is the first suspect.  There are others.  The establishment is clearly fearful of  my quest to expose the idiocracy inside the Beltway.  It has long been my goal to rein in government spending and put Congress back in the hands of “the people.”
And like Sen Ted Cruz, I will not back down from the attacks.  It only makes me work harder to spread the word of true conservatism.

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  1. Lenny Lopez says:

    The establishment is running scared, you seek the truth.

  2. Lenny Lopez says:

    Thank you for your endorsement my friend. Are you going to attend the candidate fair.


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