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Radio Host and Former Republican Candidate for Congress

One of my most important missions in life is to spread the word of why free markets and liberty is best for every American.  My four year old son Wyatt will depend on the Founders vision of limited government and a free society if he is to flourish as he moves towards adulthood.  His future depends on our ability to promote entreprenuership as a key factor in the success of our nation.

As a former congressional candidate and now as a radio host, my goal has always been to educate people.   There is power in information.

Investigative Watch Dog

I spent nearly two decades uncovering and exposing fraud, corruption, government waste, and consumer scams. My tireless work earned me four Emmy Awards, leaving me proud to call myself a “watchdog” who fights for the people of Texas.

After two decades of covering news and politics, I became well aware that they only way to change idocracy is to expose it.  My plan as a radio host is to give the power of information directly to the people.

The war on prosperity must end. We must streamline government by using common sense to balance the budget and reform the tax code to promote investment.

Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur

After growing Arborplex Tree Service from a simple concept to a premier Metroplex based tree care and landscape company, I learned what it takes to start a small business from the ground up; fiscal responsibility, calculated risk and a sound plan of attack set the stage for success. I was able to grow Arborplex’s online presence with such success it allowed me to sell Arborplex for a small profit.

Currently I now employ 10 people as the owner of Kwik Kar Auto Care Center in Irving. This experience has given me a unique perspective into what it takes to run a successful business. In my short time as Owner I have increased sales by nearly 10 percent which will allow us to increase staffing. During the purchase process of this business, I learned first hand how an unfair tax structure and overreaching government regulations insitituted by Congress stifle investment, ultimately limiting our nation’s economic growth.

Volunteer Work

I am proud to volunteer for so many wonderful organizations. There is no greater feeling of accomplishment than helping others in need succeed in life. I have witnessed first hand how just a few dedicated and hard working volunteers can make Texas a better place. Below are a few charities that hold a special place in my heart.

  • New Friends New Life, Advisory Board Member
  • Conference on Crimes Against Women, Advisory Board Member
  • Hold the Door for Others, Communications Advisory
  • The SPCA of Texas, Video Producer


I am an avid sportsman who loves the outdoors. From golfing and fishing to sport clay shooting and hiking, Texas is my outdoor paradise. I am a concealed handgun license holder and a firm supporter of our right to keep and bear arms.